From A Dream to the Big Leagues... Our Journey So Far.

It all started with a gathering of some jacket lovers who joked about making a team and creating a brand that offered genuine jackets of the latest, most fashionable designs. The jokes turned into weekly plannings, and those plans led to a company. We started working together and before we even realized, JacketsPlay joined the big league of the global jacket industry.

Just because we made it big time doesn’t mean we will become like the rest. Before starting the company, we all agreed that we will stay true to a few things, no matter what. We agreed to always honor the customers, their requests, and their money.

We also promised ourselves not to become like the other luxury jacket brands that charge over thousands of dollars for jackets that don’t even last a year. And we plan to honor it without compromising even a single shred on the quality of our collection. At our heart, we love collecting and wearing jackets of all kinds and each one of us wants to make it so that our fellow jacket lovers over the world too can afford and enjoy them.

JacketsPlay is no longer a brand or a company. We are a family. The friends who started the company, the designers who create the jacket collections, the hardworking employees who manufacture them, and of course, the most important people, you, our customers, we are one big family. Without your unconditional support and trust in our brand, we wouldn’t have gotten to where we stand today. And for that, we want to sincerely thank you all.

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